Urban Reforestation

At Explora Caribe Tours we are aware of the need to improve air
quality, minimize our ecological footprint and mitigate carbon
dioxide CO2 emissions, which is why every year we reforest trees of
selected species for the Island of Cozumel; thus creating biological
corridors that provide sustenance, protection and feeding to
endemic birds and animals, with a direct benefit to human beings
creating an atmosphere rich in oxygen.

The participation of children, youth, community and collaborators is
fundamental in the Urban Reforestation Days since they are the next
generations that will face and give solutions to climate change.

Teaching with practice is the best learning that will not be forgotten,
we believe that the new generations are a fertile field to sow seeds
of conscience that give fruits of love, respect for nature and wisdom.

Help us to plant more trees and life around us.


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