Monthly Ecosystem Sanitation Seminar

Garbage is a global problem that can not be ignored, it affects
thousands of marine species, birds and aquifers, and humans. That is
why every month Explora Caribe Tours we put hands in action and
organize together with the Community, Civil Associations, Public and
Private Sector the Monthly Cleaning and Sanitation Days in different
ecosystems: beaches, mangroves, caves, cenotes and main roads, also
We provide advice and talks by experts on the subject to know more
about the place, its endemic flora and fauna and we sign with signs
that help us to send the message to all visitors to reduce and take
responsibility for the waste we generate by applying the R3′ s Reduce,
Recycle and Reuse.

In Explora Caribe Tours we are committed to the environment where
we live and in this 2018 we managed to remove more than 4 tons of
garbage from the oceans and we are going for more!

We invite you to follow our networks and join the Days of Cleaning
and Sanitation of Ecosystems to clean up our wonderful Planet Earth.